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Imperial Valley or Imperial County, has 17 towns and cities and has a total population of over 180,000.

Our communities have sophisticated infrastructure and commerce, including major highways, town centers, shopping malls, major hotel chains and restaurants.

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Imperial Valley California

It is an ideal place to settle down, with many options to visit for a weekend trip. We're not too far from popular cities like San Diego or Phoenix, and we are right near the Mexican border as well. You get to experience both city life and small-town living in the Imperial Valley.

Bountiful Oasis

Cultural Fusion

Desert Wonderland

El Centro

El Centro, CA is a lively city in the Imperial Valley known for its warm climate, rich agricultural heritage, and vibrant community. With a range of recreational activities, cultural events, and a thriving downtown area, El Centro offers a welcoming and diverse environment for residents and visitors alike.


Calexico, CA is a border city in the Imperial Valley, known for its unique blend of Mexican and American cultures. With a bustling downtown area, vibrant street markets, and a strong sense of community, Calexico offers a rich cultural experience and serves as a gateway between the United States and Mexico.


Brawley, CA is a charming city located in the Imperial Valley, known for its agricultural roots and friendly community. With a small-town atmosphere, Brawley offers a range of recreational activities, including parks, golf courses, and nearby natural attractions. The city also hosts various events and festivals that showcase its rich heritage and celebrate the local community.

Top places in the Imperial Valley

The Imperial Valley is home to several top attractions that showcase the region's natural beauty, history, and cultural heritage. The Salton Sea, a vast inland lake, offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and birdwatching. The Imperial Sand Dunes, a stunning desert landscape, is perfect for off-roading and camping adventures. The Imperial Valley Desert Museum provides insights into the area's unique ecosystem and Native American history. For history enthusiasts, the Imperial Valley Pioneer Museum and the Calexico Historical Society Museum offer a glimpse into the region's past. Additionally, the vibrant downtown areas of El Centro, Calexico, and Brawley provide shopping, dining, and cultural experiences that reflect the diverse communities of the Imperial Valley.

Best time to visit the Imperial Valley

El Centro, California's motto, "Where the Sun Spends the Winter", is a trademark of the El Centro Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau. El Centro has more sunny days than any other area in the country and is 50 feet below sea level. The Imperial Valley Mid-Winter Fair is a ten day attraction featuring cultural activies, fantastic concessions, and carneval rides. The Navy's Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team also lives in the Imperial Valley during the winter.

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