Should I List My House With an Agent

or Sell to a Cash Buyer?

Uncovering the Truth behind selling your house fast!

Brace yourself for an honest and transparent evaluation that will help you to make the right choice. Imperial House Partners expert insights and comprehensive analysis will guide you through the decision-making process. Get ready to unlock the answer and have smooth successful home-selling journey by uncovering the truth for yourself!

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Have you ever wondered, why you should sell your house to a random buyer?

It's a valid question, and we're here to provide you with the answers.

While selling through an agent may seem like the obvious choice, let's not rush to conclusions just yet.

Discover the untold benefits of selling your house to us and why we're genuinely interested in your property. Get ready to uncover the truth and make an informed decision that maximizes your selling potential!

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Deciding When and Not to List with an Agent:

Making the Right Choice for Your Property

  • You don't mind waiting two to five+ months while your house is listed on the market

  • You're fine paying two to five+ months of holding costs, such as property taxes, lawn maintenance, utilities, and insurance, etc

  • Your house is close to "perfect condition"

  • You are not in a hurry to sell and have all the time in the world

  • You're are ok with making sure your house has amazing curb appeal

  • You're comfortable making the house available to strangers walking through your house nit-picking everything they don't like!

There it is! That's it! The Truth Uncovered.

Not exactly, please read on...

An honest and straightforward answer to an otherwise tricky question!

You should list with an agent only if:


While it may be obvious when to list your property, knowing when not to list it can be a bit more challenging for many.

Listing with an agent is only reasonable if, after deducting all commission and fees, you would still be happy with the remaining amount compared to the time, effort and money involved in listing your house for sale with a real estate agent.

C'mon Fred, use different terms.

In simpler terms, consider listing your house for sale with a real estate agent, if it is nearly new or brand new, in near-perfect condition, and located in a desirable area.

What if my house isn't brand new or nearly new?

Let’s say that your house needs repairs and/or updating. Is listing your house with a real estate agent still a good option?

Maybe, however you should consider the following.

When a house needs repairs, finding a good listing price is not as trivial as “listing the house at a little lower price, to account for the repairs needed”. It just doesn't work that way. You do not buy a used car based on the new price of the car, minus the cost of repairs needed. Buying a house is no different. You have no idea what the actual condition is “under the hood“ or under the roof.

Just the fact that “we”, as the buyer, still have a lot of work to do to make repairs and fix up the house up results in a “financial penalty” on your listing price, regardless of how much repairs or upgrades are actually needed.

Here's an Example:

Which of the following two houses would you consider buying as your house to live in?

1) A move-in-ready, turn key house with a price of $300,000?


2) A house with a price of $300,000 that sold at $200,000 because it needs $100,000 in repairs to bring
it to the exact same condition of the house mentioned above?

It's obvious, no one would choose the $200,00 house. Why would you? Who wants to deal with the risk of things going wrong, finding contractors who are trustworthy, then waiting countless weeks or months for the work to be completed, if it gets completed with quality and on it's done on time.

So how much of a "discount" would you demand to deal with all of the repairs, the hassles, the risk, the uncertainty, and the time you need to still invest in getting your home to move-in-ready condition?

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As you can see, the hassle and stress has a financial penalty that's associated with the value of the house.

Suddenly repairs are not just estimated by cost of material, and cost of labor. There are also the hidden costs, such as risk, time, holding costs, market uncertainties, all the hard work to have it repair, they all have a financial value.

Wait...there's more to understand…

Who knows what shape the house is really in, beyond a quick look at the exterior? No inspection reveals everything. Those unknown risks alone are costing you, the homeowner, your hard-earned money. Buyers will request an even larger discount for the house just in case there are unexpected issues! Guess what? Most houses that need repairs have at least 7% to 13% higher costs!

To better understand, you need to step into the mindset of a buyer.

Would you pay $100,000+ for a house that still needs work? After all the hassle, the paperwork and such a large transaction, do you still want to be bothered with inspections, contractors, or picking up a brush and start painting? Will the bank approve a buyer for a house that needs this much work? Will the bank approve a loan for the repairs? There are many questions and issues to deal with.

No! Buyers won't request a “little” more off the list price. They will demand a lot more off the list price to account for the headaches, hassles and risks associated with a house in less than perfect condition.

Are you following along with me? Can I get a Hey Now Fred... just making sure you're keeping up...

Ok, we've established if you list your house, which needs work, with a real estate agent, the listing price will be significantly lower.

Homeowners typically don't fully grasp or fully realize this fact. This is one of the main reasons why houses sit on the market for a long time. Then the homeowners are confused as to why their house doesn’t sell for a “reasonable” price.

Which brings us to the next issue...

What does “time on market” mean in financial terms?

Holding Costs that's what!

While your house is sitting on the market, you're still paying homeowners insurance, property taxes, utility bills, electricity, natural gas, lawn care and maintenance! Not to mention closing costs, commissions, and agent fees if it sells.

Homeowners need to be educated as to when it's in their best interest to list and when it's best not to list with a real estate agent. By all means, choose to list with a real estate agent if you have enough "value or equity" in the house to cover commissions, title and escrow fees, closing costs, holding costs and selling fees.

So, as we wrap up this discussion and answer the question: “What is the best way to sell my house fast?“, the truth... is “It Depends!

List with a real estate agent or Sell to a cash buyer?

It depends on your timeline, your available cash resources, the condition of your house and if you are willing to do the repairs yourself or not.

Listing your house in California with a real estate agent is not for everyone. Listing a new house with a real estate agent has a financial penalty of agent fees, commissions, title and escrow, closing costs.


Most homeowners do not live in a brand new home! For an older house for sale in California, as an example, that is in need of repairs or updating, listing it with a real estate agent has the following financial penalties that will drain your wallet:

  • If you house is not move-in-ready or top condition, it has a financial penalty. Buyers will not pay full asking price if the home needs repairs or updating.

  • The simple fact that repairs and updating needs to be done causes stress and has a financial penalty.

  • The cost of repairs or updating is a financial penalty.

  • Agent fees and commission are obviously a financial penalty.

  • The risk of the "unknown", what else needs to be repaired will demand a lower price, and is a financial penalty.

As you can see now, selling to a cash buyer is a valid option.

If you're thinking I need to sell my house fast keep this in mind:

Cash buyers are not real estate agents (well some can be) and there are usually no closing costs, commissions or agent fees to pay.

By definition, at least in California, purchases are "as is", which means there is no need for repairs, uness otherwise agreed to in writing.

Cash buyers deal with private money, there are no bank or approvals and we can close quickly. Think about it before you decide to list your house for sale in California with a real estate agent!

If you'd like to find out how much a cash buyer, like Imperial House Partners would offer for your house in California before you make a commitment to list it with a real estate agent, please contact us. No Obligation. Call Us! (760) 465-1399

Thank you for trusting us. We strive for win-win solutions and partnerships.

We will not let you down! Frederic Din ~Imperial House Partners.

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